Fees Retainers

Fees & Retainers

While some firms in the Indianapolis area offer free consultations for a family law matter, the meetings are often short and the information provided is general.

At White and Champagne LLC, we charge a consultation fee because we take the time to learn about your situation and concerns. We are committed to providing quality advice that is detailed and tailored to your unique needs.

During this one hour consultation, we provide specific legal advice and information and this, along with charging a fee, forms an attorney-client relationship. This means we cannot disclose the contents of our discussions with anyone else. This offers you an additional layer of protection and comfort. To learn more, contact us today.

Quality Family Law Representation: Our Fees And Retainer Terms

Our firm is centered around achieving your legal goals in a cost-effective manner. We understand that you are paying us for advice and advocacy, not unnecessary work that drives up legal bills. Our family law retainer and fees are meant to cover reasonable expenses and time we expect to devote to your matter. In any type of family law matter we handle, you will always be provided a comprehensive bill that outlines the work performed and costs, and we always welcome the opportunity to explain our services.

Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

When legal disputes arise, we strive to resolve them through negotiation, mediation and settlement when possible because we feel and know from experience that these are often the most cost-efficient methods.

However, we feel the best way to achieve favorable results at the negotiation table is to negotiate from a position of strength by being fully prepared with all the evidence, facts and arguments needed for trial. This is why we prepare for the possibility of trial because sometimes that is the best and necessary option.

Questions About Divorce, Our Services Or Fees? Contact Us Today

At White and Champagne LLC, we are knowledgeable lawyers who are here to help you resolve your legal problems in a cost-effective manner through quality advocacy. Contact us online today or by telephone at (317) 259-9480 or toll free at 800-570-2848 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you.