High Net Worth Divorce Cases in Indianapolis

There are many complexities involved in a high asset divorce

Unless you were savvy enough to enter into a marriage with a prenuptial agreement if you are a high net worth individual, chances are your divorce will be a complicated affair.

We know that you’ve probably worked for years to accumulate your wealth. Perhaps you and your spouse built a business together, or you own several businesses, investments, properties and other hard-earned assets. You’ve invested your entire life into creating financial security, but now that you’re facing a high net worth divorce, much of that can feel like it’s at risk.

Rather than panic or get upset over the prospect of losing much of what you’ve built, we suggest that you work with us to help get you through this difficult time. As skilled property division attorneys, we can protect your financial interests, minimize the emotional impact and shield you from unnecessary pain that will accompany the complexities of your situation.

We’ll help you take a look at what assets need to be divided, how to place a value on them and how to preserve others in a way that makes the most financial sense. Through our years of experience, we can readily tap into the knowledge of financial experts in investments, stocks, bonds, real estate, fine art, jewelry, vehicles, and other tangibles to give you an accurate picture of your net worth. This is a key step in moving forward and attempting to minimize disputes that may arise between a divorcing couple.

In addition to dividing assets, we can also assist high net worth individuals with family law matters related to custodial rights regarding children, including primary custodial rights, visitation rights, parenting plans and child support payments which can often times involve large sums of money over the lifetime of a support decree.

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