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In some cases, a paternity test is necessary to determine the biological father of a child. A paternity action may be sought by the mother or the father, depending on the circumstances.

  • A mother may wish to establish paternity so she can obtain child support payments.
  • A father may wish to establish paternity to gain parental rights such as visitation and child custody.

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Indianapolis Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

Fathers have traditionally taken a secondary role in their children’s lives after a divorce or separation. While in the past, courts favored mothers in awarding physical custody of children, the law has evolved to reflect the importance of fathers in the lives of their children.

At White and Champagne LLC, we believe fathers deserve to be far more than a child support check and occasional weekend visit. We understand that children benefit from having a meaningful relationship with both parents and are strong advocates for the rights of fathers who feel at a disadvantage in child custody proceedings.

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