Indianapolis Same Sex Marriage Attorney

Same-sex marriages are afforded equal rights in Indiana

Same sex marriages have been legally recognized in Indiana since October 6, 2014, when the U.S. Supreme Court denied the appeal challenging the restriction of marriages to male-female couples only. With this ruling, a same-sex marriage just became a “marriage” in the eyes of the law.

While this cleared the way for many couples to marry legally, it opened up several new legal concerns for those who previously were unable to be formally recognized by the state.

On a regular basis, our office now sees same-sex couples who are seeking legal solutions in the areas of cohabitation agreements, prenuptial agreements, divorces and second parent adoptions.

For many same-sex couples, whether they choose marriage or simply enter into a domestic partnership, we have found a strong desire by many of our clients to start families. In most instances, that means adoption is the most practical way to meet that goal. Our office is well versed in the adoption process, and we have been able to assist couples in completing the process as efficiently as possible.

Unfortunately, same-sex couples are also prone to the challenges of any marriage, and so we’re also able to assist them with divorces. We take great care in treating all divorcing couples with compassion, and ensuring a full and equitable separation of assets, while protecting our clients and their financial interests.

There are other life events we can assist same-sex couples with as well. Parties in a same-sex marriage can also seek spousal maintenance (alimony) in cases where it is warranted. They are also entitled to share employee benefits, which was previously not the case. And, same-sex couples now have the right to file for bankruptcy as well, giving them added benefits that did not exist before.

In short, if you are in a same-sex marriage or a domestic partnership, contemplating one or looking to end such a relationship, contact us to make sure your legal rights are well represented.

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