Motorcycle Accident Attorney Indianapolis

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Indianapolis 

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Indianapolis Tess White will fight for your fights. A car or truck accident, while serious in nature, provides some level of protection. The BODY of the vehicle takes the initial impact. A bike accident does not. Objects that collide at high speeds create massive force. That force gets spread out throughout your body. When someone is hit riding a motorcycle the results are often deadly. An Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer can help protect your financial rights after an accident. According to online sources there are thousands of motorcycle fatalities each year. Trust Tess White to RIDE WITH YOU when you or a loved one is hurt on a bike.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Indianapolis Information

Indiana is home to some of the best bike rally’s in the United States. Riding a motorcycle is about as American as you can get. But who protects the rights of bikers after an accident? Good question, lets see why this is an issue. Riders often split lanes and preform other traffic movements that cars cannot. Whether your an avid rider or a weekend warrior it’s not IF you will go down it is WHEN you will go down. Insurance companies know this. Their high dollar attorneys know this too. They try and wiggle out of paying your injury claim. Call us today and let us fight for your family.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney Indianapolis Law Firm 

White & Champagne is a dedicated Personal Injury Law Firm. With over 40 years of combined experience and millions of dollars awarded to clients they are a top choice for victims. Bike crashes lead to broken bones. You most likely will be out of work. Your rent, mortgage, expenses for your family don’t go away. Let us hop on your back seat and have your back.

Motorcycle Accident Indianapolis FAQs 

If you have been injured in a bike crash you need information. Let us give you some things to ponder:

  • Were you changing lanes?
  • Did you run a light?
  • How fast were you going?
  • Did anyone see the accident?
  • Have you been hit on your bike before?
  • Are you primary income source for your family?
  • Was anyone else injured?
  • Did the accident take place at day or night?
  • Were you coming from work?
  • How often do you ride?
  • Do you have any moving violations while riding?

motorcycle accident attorney Indianapolis