Domestic Relations Mediator Services

Domestic Relations Mediator Services

At White and Champagne LLC, as part of our commitment to offer a full spectrum of legal services, including all types of family law options, one of our founding partners, Joan Champagne, is a certified domestic relations mediator who can help you try to resolve your differences and arrive at creative solutions without going to trial.

Our Indianapolis family law and divorce attorneys represent clients throughout Marion and Hamilton counties and across the surrounding region. To learn more about the benefits of mediation and using a certified domestic relations mediator for your matter, contact us today at (317) 259-9480 or toll free at 800-570-2848 to arrange a consultation.

What Does A Domestic Relations Mediator Do?

Mediation is a process where parties meet with a neutral third party who listens to both sides and helps them try to reach an agreement on any issue. Joan Champagne has completed additional training to become a certified domestic relations mediator in Indiana. She can represent you during mediation or can serve as a mediator for any type of family law dispute.

Mediation offers many benefits, including:

  • It is often cheaper than protracted negotiation and much less expensive than litigation.
  • It is less risky than litigation where a judge may decide terms that both parties are not happy with or did not foresee.
  • This venue creates an open atmosphere where parties can reach creative arrangements that often cannot be reached in court or even during traditional negotiation.
  • Mediation is confidential, which means anything disclosed during a session cannot be used later if mediation fails and parties do end up in court.
  • This forum often helps preserve relationships amongst the parties because everyone is treated equally.

No Attorney Divorce Assistance

Joan Champagne also welcomes the opportunity to help parties who are representing themselves in family law actions and need a neutral third party to help them try to come to an agreement about any outstanding issues such as property division, child support, parenting time or custody.

Contact A Skilled Domestic Relations Mediator Serving Indianapolis

If you are seeking experienced guidance for a divorce or other family law matter, White and Champagne LLC is here for you. Contact our law firm online today or by telephone at (317) 259-9480 or toll free at 800-570-2848.