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Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis Law Firm White & Champagne have over 40 years of experience. With millions of dollars awarded to clients it is no wonder they are a Top Rated Indiana Law Firm. Personal Injury claims can become convoluted. Insurance Agencies make billions by receiving payments. Sending checks for injury claims eats into their bottom line. Insurance Companies spend millions of dollars on defense. You need a Personal Injury Lawyer on your side. Tess White is prepared to go all twelve rounds for you and your claim.

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Let’s take a minute to discuss what a personal injury actually is. In the state of Indiana an injury claim can be the results of the following:

These are just a few. There are many more. A Personal Injury Lawyer is an attorney who represents your injury claim. Just because you are hurt does not mean the party at fault will pay you. Just like you, the responsible person has an insurance policy. Insurance Agencies hire special lawyers of their own. The sole purposes of these attorneys is to PROTECT the issuance company. One of the major things they do is fight to NOT pay injury claims. If you have had an accident call our law firm today. You can also check out our reviews online.

Why Hire an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer? 

If you read the paragraph above you might have caught on about how insurance companies protect themselves. You most likely have health, auto, and home insurance. You pay your premium payments each month to ensure that you are covered. The money you send to your insurance agency is then reinvested. Okay, lets take a second here to break this down. When you are sick or your house is damaged you send a claim to your insurance company. They then “cover the bill” for you. So say you required a surgery, that operation might cost $50,000.00 dollars. Did you pay it? NO, your insurance company did. However, you only pay $300 a month, so how did they afford the bill? See, Insurance Agencies TAKE the money you pay them and they INVEST it, this is how they make money. They DO NOT make money when they have to settle injury law suits. To PROTECT their investment they pay very good attorneys to FIGHT injury claims. In fact, a lot of claims are fraudulent. HOWEVER, this also hurts claims that are real. This is why a Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis can help your case.

Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis FAQs 

Searching online for a lawyer is actually very easy these days. With tools like attorney directories you can easily read client testimonials and lawyer profiles. As you sift through the hundreds of potential legal counselors you might want to prepare a few questions. Here are some things we believe are important to consider:

  1. How long has the firm been in business?
  2. Does the firm focus on Personal Injury solely or multiple areas of law?
  3. Did you find client reviews on line?
  4. What did other past clients say about their experience?
  5. Were you able to find information about the attorney in legal directories?
  6. Was the lawyer ever reprimanded by the state bar?
  7. How open and available is the law firm with communication and access?
  8. On a scale of 1 to 10 how comfortable did you feel speaking with the lawyer?
  9. Did the attorney answer your questions specifically or did you get the run around?
  10. Would you trust this person to handle your case?
Personal Injury versus Workers Compensation 

This is a topic we discuss a lot. Rightfully so, as these are two very similar types of law. They are also extremely different. A Workers Comp case refers to being hurt on the job. Pretty straight forward right? Not so fast. In some situations being hurt at work can be a Personal Injury case and a Workman’s Comp claim. The difference is that a Work Comp law suit has specific “guidelines”. This means that when you accepted your job there were certain duties and tasks that you were covered for in the invent of an injury. If you were hurt outside these areas it is most likely a Personal Injury claim. In Personal Injury law suits there is usually a more “pin point” person at fault. Take an auto accident for example. If you are stopped at a red light and someone rear ends you chances are you’ve got an injury claim. The person who hit you has an insurance policy (hopefully) and the claim will go to them. In workers compensation cases the employer has a special policy that protects against certain aspects of the job. This is acquired to protect the employees who preform these job tasks.

Personal Injury Claims 

At White & Champagne we pride ourselves in honestly and transparency. First, we sincerely apologies for your injury. After 25 years of assiting the citizens of Indiana with their claims we know first hand how hard it is after an accident. Medical bills pile up and simple things like cooking your children dinner can be impossible. Due to this we not only offer free consultation, we also provide the “blunt truth”. Not ever accident case ends with a “financial windfall”. Our goal is to get you the maximum amount of compensation possible. Yet we are honest and realistic with our opinions. Many Personal Injury Attorneys make bold claims about how much money they can “win for their clients”. While we fight to achieve the best results for you, we will also be totally upfront about expectations. During our consultations we will ask you specific questions about your injury. How it occurred and circumstances surrounding it are important facts we need to know. This data helps us determine how strong your case is. Our number one priority is protecting you and your family. Call us today for a free injury review at (317) 259-9480. Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis