Mediation Services in Indianapolis

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal process that allows parties to a lawsuit an opportunity to settle their case on their own terms. Litigation can be stressful, time consuming and uncertain. As a mediator, Tess White strives to eliminate those obstacles and provide a calm, relaxed environment that allows the parties to be heard. Tess White has over 25 years of experience in tort law representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Having worked over 15 years in the insurance industry Tess understands how insurance considerations impact the ability of the parties to resolve a case. Tess will do more than just relay offers between parties. She is a compassionate listener and a creative problem solver that approaches every case with resolution in mind. Tess has been described as conscientious, prepared, skilled and determined. Tess offers mediation services both virtually via zoom or in person. By charging a flat fee for her mediation services each party will know up front the total cost of the mediation thereby removing any guessing game from the mediation process. Tess is not just a “messenger”. She uses her vast experience to aid the parties in understanding the potential outcomes and pitfalls of their case to aid in the parties making an informed and knowledgeable decision regarding settlement. Tess has experience negotiating liens and will help the parties understand, negotiate and resolve any subrogation interests that may affect outcome of the case.

Mediation allows the parties to have control over the outcome of their case. That empowerment, is the key to success.

Mediation allows the parties to have control over the outcome of their case. That empowerment, is the key to success. Tess is a firm believer that mediation is the most effective way to resolve disputes. Never one to waste time, Tess prides herself on her efficiency. She will get right down to business and help you get your resolved. Tess makes scheduling a mediation easy. She offers half day mediation in 3.5 hour time block at a rate of $500 per party. Need more time? Multiple litigants or complex issues? Book a full day 7 hour time block for $1000 per party. Mediations can be held virtually or in person, it’s your choice. Tess will travel within Indianapolis and surrounding counties for no additional fee. Need a place to conduct the mediation? Tess has office space conveniently located on the northeast side of Indianapolis and will gladly host your mediation. Just click on the button below to see Tess’ calendar and sign up! Tess looks forward to helping you resolve your case.