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Car Accident Attorneys in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is growing metropolitan city. As our town expands more auto accidents occur. According to the Indy Star car crash injuries have risen as freeways expand. New developments take rise which increases traffic. Car Accident Attorney Indianapolis is also a growing search term. If you have been involved in car accident an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer may be able to help protect your financial rights.

Car Accident Attorney Reviews

Choosing which attorney to retain is not an easy task. An injury case is complex. Let’s take a minute to discus why. When you are injured it seems like an “open and shut” case. You have been injured, you have medical bills, and the person at fault has insurance to cover these losses. Easy right? Not so fast. Insurance companies make money by collecting payments, NOT by paying out claims. This is where an experienced Personal Injury Law Firm can help. When trying to pick a lawyer search on line for Car Accident Attorney Indianapolis Reviews. This will pull up information about lawyer ratings. You can also find peer and client reviews. Attorney Tess White has a perfect 5 star AVVO rating with over 20 documented reviews.

Car Accident Attorney Results 

When you are injured RESULTS matter. Medical expenses pile up fast. If you cannot work house hold bills wont get paid. Insurance Companies make billions of dollars a year by taking in premium payments. Settling your claim isn’t on their “priority to do list”. Tess White is a Top Rated Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer. She has been rated a SuperLawyer for the past five straight years. When you and your family need proven results call White & Champagne.

What to do After an Auto Accident? 

First, go to the doctor. Only a licensed medical professional can diagnose your injuries. Sometimes people do not feel pain right after an accident. An accident can cause your adrenaline to rise. Get x-rays, let your doctor know you were involved in a car wreck.

Once you have met with your doctor contact an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer. White & Champagne offers FREE consultations for injury victims. Tess White knows that when you are hurt the last thing on your mind is spending money. Right now you are worried about how you will pay for expenses if you cannot work. White & Champagne also charge NO fees unless you win. This means you never pay a penny out of pocket when you work with Tess White on a personal injury case.

Indianapolis Car Accident FAQs

Here is a quick list of things to think about if you have been involved in an accident:

  • Go to the doctor as soon as possible
  • Get copies of x-rays and medical records
  • Make a list of house hold expenses
  • Does your injury prevent you from working?
  • Are you the primary income source for your family?
  • According to the CDC there are thousands of alcohol related car accident fatalities each year in Indianapolis
  • Do you have a pre-existing condition that was injured during your accident?
  • Are you at fault in any way?
  • Did you get the insurance information from the party at fault?
  • Where there any witnesses?

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