DUI Accident Lawyer Indianapolis

Proving negligence can make a drunk driver liable for a DUI accident

There are about a half a million accidents involving drunk drivers in the United States each year, and of those, close to 17,000 people are killed as a result. However, the only one that really matters is the drunk driving accident that makes you or a family member a victim of such an irresponsible action.

At White and Champagne LLC, we know that any kind of a drunk driving accident can shatter lives in an instant. Because Indiana law provides only a limited time frame following an accident to begin legal proceedings, despite the trauma you’ve experienced, it’s essential to act decisively.

That’s why, if you’re hurt in a car accident involving a drunk driver, it’s imperative to contact us right away to protect your full legal rights and start the process of recovering what you may be owed.

Our primary mission will be to prove that the drunk driver was negligent. When we can prove negligence, we can then hold the driver liable for damages. The key stipulation is that we must be able to prove the driver was legally intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher when the accident took place. For us, that means digging deep to get police reports, interviewing witnesses and scouring medical examinations to make sure our case is airtight on your behalf.

When we have done our job the right way, you will be able to collect compensation for all of your medical bills, any lost wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. Indiana law also allows us to sue for punitive damages. This means a driver or other responsible parties (i.e. the bar where a person was drinking) can be punished for their actions. And in the cases where a death occurs, we can also seek damages for the loss of companionship and income on behalf of the deceased person’s loved ones.

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