Uncontested Divorce in Indianapolis

The basics of an uncontested divorce in Indiana

As unpleasant as divorces usually are, in some instances both sides are able to reach an amicable agreement that can lead the way to an uncontested divorce. When this happens, you sometimes may still need to seek out an attorney for a divorce consultation, but the requirements to end a marriage under these terms involve considerably less work and are less expensive.

Our office can help you work through all issues in a divorce agreement, including division of property, bank account assets, custody of children, visitation rights, alimony and more. If you can’t run the table and agree on every issue, then you’ll need to take the long way and work through the court system with a much higher degree of difficulty, which we can assist you with as well.

In Indiana, unlike some other states, you can go through an uncontested divorce even if you have children. The paperwork involved will be slightly different, but you can still accomplish your goal of separating with the least amount of trauma.

One of the key aspects of getting an uncontested divorce in Indiana relates to residency. You must have been living in the state for a minimum of six months and living in your current county of residence for at least three months.

In an uncontested divorce, you must still state the reason you are separating from your spouse. Most couples that we represent cite an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage which means the union is beyond repair and can’t be saved. This way nobody is placed at fault.

Even in an uncontested divorce, we can also assist you in filing your paperwork when it’s completed, making sure it is submitted properly.

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