Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis FAQs

Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis FAQs

If you have recently been involved in an auto collision or an accident you may be wondering what are the facts about your settlement. First, let us take a minute to get rid of some common misconceptions. We get a lot of callers. Our law firm has been serving Indianapolis for nearly three decades. Honestly and transparency are staples we live by. If you have been injured it does not mean you have won the lottery. Our goal is to get you the maximum amount of compensation. You and your family deserve that. However, it does not mean the “financial flood gets” are about to break open. Here are some Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis FAQs:

  • Insurance Companies are trillion dollar businesses. They make money on taking in payments, not forking out injury settlements
  • They are most likely going to fight you and your case
  • We need to fight back
  • The way to do this is by presenting all of the facts and data to support your claim
  • Diligence, knowledge, and open communication are key


Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis FAQs Data

There is more to taking on an injury claim then just having an injured party. We need to be able to show that your accident has caused damage which limits your ability to work. By showing the court that your income has been hindered due directly to your injury we better our chances of settling your claim for the maximum amount possible. According to NOLO, a leading online law directory agency, winning your injury case takes a lot of work. White & Champagne know this. They have fought for the rights of injured victims in Indiana for 25 plus years. For a free personal injury consultation call us today at (317) 259-9480.

Tess White & Personal Injury Attorney Indianapolis FAQs

I am attorney Tess White. For over 25 years I have dedicated my area of practice to Personal Injury Law. I have litigated lots of car accident claims and wrongful death cases during my tenure. I can honestly tell you that I handle each case personally. My law firm and I care deeply for our clients, their families, and their injuries. Practice injury law over the past couple decades has allowed me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people throughout Indiana. I am proud to say that White & Champagne has never charged a single injury client any money upfront. We work for free upfront and do not take penny until we win. Call me today and I would be more then happy to discuss your injury case for free.

personal injury attorney Indianapolis FAQs